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What is Considered 'Standard Dry Cleaning' (S.D.C.)?

Standard Dry Cleaning (SDC) Items are considered Casual to Business Attire

i.e.): Pants, Short, Skirts, Blouses, Blazers, Dry Cleaned Men's Shirts, Ties,  etc...

Items Not included: Alterations, Gowns, Household, Laundered Shirts, Wash and Fold,

By-Lb. Orders, Leather & Other Specialty Items

Does dry cleaning really prolong the life of a garment?

Dry cleaning is good for your clothes, especially fine fabrics because dry cleaning solvents removes stains, body salts, oils and even dust. Stains usually set with age, causing embedded dirt in the garment that deteriorate fabrics faster. Also insects, like moths, are attracted to soiled clothes causing further damage. Since the dry cleaning solvents lift stains, salt and oil out of the fabric, it will actually prolong the life of your garments.

Dry Cleaning vs Laundering mens shirts?

Generally, most dry cleaners (us included) launder and press cotton shirts because cotton fibers typically have minimal reaction to water (no shrinking, shriveling, less deterioration). We dry clean shirts that are made with different fabrics/blended fabrics or have delicate buttons, so they won't be damaged or shrink when placed through the laundering process. We pay close attention to fabric types and their needs but please alert us if you want a specific cleaning process for your garment, and we'll accommodate with your approval.

Why did a spot appear after cleaning?

Sometimes spots/stains settle deep into material and the cleaning process can lift it to the surface. Also after cleaning, stains can change color, so a spot you hadn't noticed suddenly appears. To prevent a spot from becoming permanent, we suggest you clean your garmets as soon as possible and after every use. The sooner we get your garmet, the easier it is to pull spots without damage to the material or before it sets in permanently.

How long can I expect a shirt to last?

On average, the normal shirt should live through 35 to 50 washings which varies depending on the amount of blemishes from everyday wear, the fiber content, the type of fabric and the laundering process. In other words, a shirt with average wear and tear, has a life expectancy of about two years.

What causes buttons to break?

 There are two main reasons for breakage; One is the way buttons are constructed, many do not handle the heat involved in cleaning, they are often manufactured with little concern for the garment's care and cleaning needs. Another cause for breakage is that buttons simply age over time, they will often become brittle and break merely from wear and tear. We do our best to look for missing or cracked buttons, and will automatically replace standard buttons free of charge.

Why did I get a 'spot tag' returned with my garment?

Some stains cannot be removed without the potential for pulling color, or changing the look and texture of the material. Therefore, we need your permission in moving forward in stain removal. If you would like us to re-attempt stain removal, please contact us and we will re-work the stain, with your permission, at no extra charge.

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