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At Helena’s Garment Care, we understand the importance of providing exceptional care for your couture garments. Our experienced team uses eco-friendly, plant-based solvents and tailored cleaning methods to ensure your pieces are treated with the utmost care and expertise.


Helena’s Garment Care is proud to offer Couture Cleaning White-Glove Service for our discerning clientele, ensuring the exceptional quality of your couture/specialty pieces are maintained.


Couture Service:

  • Small Batch Plant Based Cleaning

  • Hand finishing

  • Individual detailed inspection before & after cleaning

  • Protection of embellishments (removing & reattaching (or) covering, when necessary)

  • Hand bagging in a couture-reusable bag for multiple items

    • (or) in special-poly bag for single items

  • Access to photos w/ measurements 

  • Couture wardrobe is assigned a direct-contact-relationship manager 

  • 3 to 5-day turnaround time

To select this service for your entire wardrobe: Please select "Couture Service" option in your customer profile online.

For single items:  When scheduling your pickup, please notate in the "Cleaning Instructions" box  which item(s) you'd like to receive couture service, .

For 1st time customers: Please set-up an account, reach out to us below (or) email us with details on your couture items.

  • Once noted on your profile, your wardrobe or single items, will  receive Couture Special Care every time you turn them in (unless you remove this service personally).


Trust Helena’s Garment Care to maintain the exceptional quality of your couture & specialty pieces, so they last for years to come.


* Please note that there is an additional handling charge of 150% for Couture White-Glove Service



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