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Commercial | Retail 

Helena's also offers bulk and commercial services to businesses and organizations that may require regular, high-volume cleaning, such as: theaters, hotels, restaurants, medical, dental offices, and many more!  We offer competitive and volume-based pricing to meet your needs!  


Contact us for special pricing on commercial business accounts! Let us do the heavy lifting - we also offer FREE pick up and delivery and you can rest easy knowing we use safe, plant-based and environmentally-friendly cleaning methods. 


Theater, Restaurant, Retail & Commercial 

  • uniforms

  • micro-fiber towels

  • freezer suits

  • costume

  • blankets 

  • pillows

  • bulk cleaning

  • aprons

  • wash & fold

  • linens/tablecloths

  • sheets, bedding

  • film & theater

  • business attire

  • display cloths

  • bulk fabrics

  • and so much more....

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