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Drop Box

Upper Queen Anne | Normandy Park

Perfect for those with busy schedules or who prefer after-hours drop-off

  • Drop offs are processed during regular business hours

  • Standard Turnaround Times Apply 


Existing Customer

Simply place your items in your Red Helena’s Laundry Bag

and double check that your ID tag is attached!


Don’t have your bag?

Follow instructions for "New Customer"

New Customer

Place items into any sealed/tied off bag, included inside:

  • first & last name

  • phone number 

  • email

* You will receive a text and email  notification the following business day to finish your account set up!




1. You will see 4 buttons in a row with roman numerals. 

     Please push from left to right: I, II, III.
2. Turn the lock to the right.
3. While the lock is turned you will be able to open the door!

Note: The lock must be turned while you open/close the door. If you need to reset, please turn the lock all the way to the left.


Please be sure the door is securely locked when closed! 

Standard Turnaround Times: 

  - 2 Business Days: Dry Cleaning & Shirt Laundry

  - 2 Business Days: Wash and Fold

  - 4 Business Days: Household

  - 7 Business Days: Alterations

Questions? Send us a message and we will get back to you the following business day.

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