Dry Cleaning has dramatically changed for the better over the last decade. We employ the best technologies and practices for a truly toxin free dry cleaning process.


Wet Cleaning (Laundry | Wash & Fold) uses advanced cleaning agents and machines that run specialized programs for different types of fabric to ensure every textile is cared for according to the manufacture. This also minimizes water waste while giving  your garments the highest quality clean possible.


In addition, we use Biobags/ Reusable bags (upon request/ automatic for delivery), Biodegradable-Poly-Bags, Recycle hangers, and implement recycling practices as much as possible through out our business.


SYSTEM-K4 is a biodegradable, halogen-free solvent that does not pose a risk to air, water, soil or you. It has an outstanding cleaning power, odorless, dermatologically approved, and pleasant to the touch.

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